Who doesn't love a good meatball?  The Meatball & Wine Bars are taking off around  Melbourne, their most recent location is on Smith St Collingwood, which I was lucky to attend the opening to.  Unfortunately I only got to taste one meatball slider so I made it my mission to actually sit and dine in.

I can fondly remember the best steak that I've had which was in an alleyway in Paris, I forget the name of the restaurant as it was over 15 years ago, but I clearly remember savouring every bite and have been dreaming of my return to Paris to try and find that restaurant again...

Carnegie is becoming an Asian hub for cheap but good quality eats. Shyun has been serving up Japanese to many hungry customers for many years so it was no surprise that they opened up Shyun Ramen Bar down the road from their original restaurant.

Recently I was invited along to a special Katnook dinner held at The Botanical in conjunction with Winestyle.

It was a sold out event with the guests and of course myself excited to drink wine chosen to match each of the courses.


I can now finally say that I've eaten at one of the top restaurants in the world - Brae.  We booked in for a Sunday lunch over the weekend 3 weeks ago and I was surprised we were able to get in given the rave reviews of this restaurant.

Ever since the launch of Yochi, frozen yoghurt places have been popping up all over the place.  There are so many and some of them just blur into each other.  However there is one froyo place that stands out and actually has a point difference.

One restaurant that I have been super excited to try yet haven't had the chance is Adam D'Sylva's Tonka.  I finally headed down the alleyway last Friday for lunch to experience it for myself.

I was impressed as soon as I walked in, the bar is at the front, a massive open kitchen.


I thought I would take a trip down memory lane to one my favourite restaurants growing up.  Our family would always have special b'days at Le Gaulois, a french restaurant in Glen Waverley.  We used to get so excited when we had booked dinner as we loved the hearty food and the lovely service.

Lucy Liu the name on everyone's lips, the latest and hottest Asian infusion restaurant from Chef Michael Lambie (The Smith) that has opened now for about 2 months. They have ripped out the old PM24 (sadly one of my old favourites) and totally revamped it with a back entry through Oliver's Lane.